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Dance Fitness Classes for the older particpants.

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Welcome to Fit 4 Life Derby.

I teach Dance based and toning classes in Derby perfect for the older active adult or if you are new to exercise or would prefer a low impact fun class. 

Specifically tailored for the older adult to improve balance, posture, cognitive function, joint mobility, cardiovascular endurance and bone density.

Fit 4 Life Toning Classes use light hand weights blending strength exercises with easy to follow dance moves to enhance muscle strength and tone. 

Each of my classes are 45 minutes long, we start with a warm up, followed by uplifting and easy to follow dance routines which will work each area of your body.

Finally we will cool down, stretching out your muscles and leaving you feeling invigorated. 


Introducing Fit 4 Life...

Fit for Life is a low impact, easy to follow dance exercise class incorporating a mix of Motown, Latin, Bhangra, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango and Salsa tracks.

Forty Five minutes of exercise in disguise which ensures a full body workout without setting foot in a gym! 

Men and Women are welcome, my classes are perfect for the older generation who want to stay active - Never stop moving! 

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When you book a class online you can choose to pay for it online or in person when you attend. If you are a member you can log in below to book your class. 

When paying in person this can either be completed by contactless card payment or cash.

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Phone:  07903 002927

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